Diversity Survey


November 1, 2023

In accordance with the requirement of our regulator, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, we conduct a formal diversity survey throughout our firm, every two years, based on their questionnaire. 

However, instead of providing individual responses to the many, different multiple-choice questions asked, we are permitted to respond by the use of placing a cross in the box beside any / every question, stating: “prefer not to say”.  As a matter of individual, free choice, this was the response provided by all our personnel, to each question – on the basis that they deemed the alternative to be invasive.  Of course, for each to reach such a conclusion is the individual’s right.    

At W Davies, we are proud to state that for over a century we have been engaging in the day-to-day practice of the key concepts of diversity.  In recruiting personnel, we have always been completely open to retaining the services of persons of any race, colour, inclination, or age (and in fact we do so) provided, always, that we consider them to be the best candidate for the role.  This has been a part of our firm’s culture for so long, that fully inclusive diversity happens as a matter of course. The same attitude towards diversity applies just as much to our clients: whatever their provenance or propensities, all their needs are treated on an equal basis. 

Come and see us regarding your legal matter – and judge our diversity outlook for yourself.

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