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Our Residential Property solicitors advise and deal with the transfer of equity, acting for both transferor and transferee.

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A transfer of equity involves a change in the legal and/or beneficial ownership of a property without necessarily the sale of the property itself.

Such transfers may take place after a separation or divorce or family relationship breakdown. This is usually a transfer of the legal and beneficial ownership. Sometimes transfers of equity are for other reasons, for example, in the event of the retirement and appointment of a new trustee (where a trust is involved), or it might be beneficial from a tax planning perspective. This would be transfer of the legal title only.

A transfer of equity can be a fairly straightforward process however, each transaction needs to be looked at on an individual basis and it is important that all matters and consequences of a transfer of equity are given proper consideration.

Our Residential Property lawyers can advise on all aspects of a transfer of equity and will provide tailored advice according to your individual circumstances. Our lawyers act for both transferor and transferee.

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